Graduation Options for the Struggling Senior

I had a parent ask me what choices there were for her son who does not have the skills to get a regular diploma, but wants to “graduate” from High School.
Obtaining a Vocational High School Diploma from Family Tree Private School is doable, because it does not require a minimum test score. But, with a Vocational High School Diploma, a student can not get into a college.  He can, though, check “Yes” on a job application as being a high school graduate. If the employer needs a standard diploma though, the diploma will not be enough. Fortunately,employers usually don’t ask what “type” of diploma one earned, unless they are government employer.
I told her that if her son wants to possibly go to college he may benefit from considering a GED.  He can try it (taking the prep classes, etc.), and that’s the only way he can get into college. 
If the GED path is to hard, and is not for him, he can choose a more personalized path, and choose a vocation – carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc. where he can earn a Certificate and learn a skill. 
THE IMPORTANT POINT IS:  The path going forward should be centered around his interests, gifts and abilities.  I told her to tell him to think about it, and be prepared for adjustments as his experiences increase because the point is – that he do what he feels he is good at, and called to do – That is True Success.
Another little known option is what is called the “Exit Option” program where if the student can pass the FCAT, and the GED, and they take one vocational course (usually resume building), then they can be awarded a standard high school diploma, even if they do not have enough credits. This is a good option to get the student out of the school system early if they are able.

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