Family Tree is a 501 c 3 Organization – No Apologies

There seems to be a standing criticism of organizations keeping a 501 c 3 status, and I honestly had not heard of it until many years after forming Family Tree Ministries. The criticism goes something like this: You want the tax breaks offered to your 501c3 AT THE EXPENSE of  being politically active – speaking out against tyranny and defending life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  This is Not true with me or Family Tree Ministries. In fact, it is my duty to NOT be silent politically.  So, in essence critics say that we are willing to “hold back” and not speak out in order to gain the benefit of a “tax write off”.  Nothing can be further from the truth for Family Tree Ministries. 

My understanding has always been (when I obtained our 501c3) that I am sharpening my position in that I support the Bible’s definition of a true leader; and my association with this 501 c 3 shows my willingness to make it a public priority to NOT be silent about my bias politically.   I Will and Do support specific candidates, naming them and causes that promote a Biblical Foundation to Life and Learning (part of our mission statement).  I will continue to support causes and persons that teach and support our freedoms, a Biblical World view and programs that educate and inform those whom we serve.    

In 1999 the original documents sent to IRS to obtain our 501c3 stated that we will speak out and endorse activities, including specific candidates and causes that promote a Biblical Foundation to Life and Learning. We will openly promote a Biblical world view, and those that promote a Biblical world view, and we will seek to be politically active, praising specific candidates that espouse issues supporting Biblical truths, quality education and Constitutional freedoms.

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