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Why aren’t there enough good teachers to work in district public schools? Because they don’t want to work there, that’s why. The pay is bad, the kids don’t want to be there, the parents are always mad at you (as a teacher), and the administration is always pressuring you. (At least I bet the vacancies represent teachers that feel that way.) Would you want to work in an environment like that?

I was a high school dropout. I’ve seen the worst of public education. I chose the field of teaching in the worst public schools to help children as a career for many years based on my experiences. I won teaching and community awards, and even earned a Master’s Degree in Education. I would like to speak directly to parents. Parents, children need to know what is expected of them. They really like boundaries, discipline and a sense of belonging. It makes them feel safe, accomplished and proud. Herein lays the problem. In many school settings you will have the one-size-fits-all classroom, and your child is either bored or not getting enough help with difficult work. They either have useless homework, or homework that does not make sense.

The way government schools are set up, teachers are not equipped to juggle and address all of these differences. They have to comply with regulations, rules, mandates, laws, guidelines and governing principals demanded of them (not to mention Common Core). And to top it all off, Biblical precepts, parental authority and common sense have gone out the window in most government run schools. But if administrators take bold steps, with YOUR help, to strip down these rules and regulations and allow changes to address the real differences in students you can begin to solve some problems. Read up on what they do at successfully run charter schools, and other successfully run government (public) schools! How about NO homework for those students who get all of their classwork done? How about NOT letting students take electives or non-core classes if they are not reading and writing on grade level? How about an active teacher’s union that votes higher salaries? I left the public system years ago because I sadly was not seeing my schools being run effectively, and they were becoming a horrible place to work! I was not willing to go down with the Titanic.

Parents, get involved and demand the changes that are needed to make your schools a thriving, positive, and attractive place. You pay their salaries with Your tax dollars, so you are their bosses! Ask them to start trying some common sense solutions, to change some of the old “rules” and make up new rules. You are in charge. You are ultimately responsible. Nancy Moral, Editor of

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