Illegal Aliens in Our Schools

“What do you think of when I say “Illegal Alien”. If you are in denial, you are immediately saying that such a combination of words does not exist in America. This would be true if we were not a community of rules and laws.

I am concerned that the illegal aliens that recently entered the country in the boarder serge will be permitted to come to a neighborhood near you. I would like to be proactive as a resident of an American town, and ask county commissioners and school superintendents if they are going to make sure that persons who are in our country and counties illegally will be stopped from taking resources from our citizens here in said American town.

Will the illegal alien be required to show ID to open a bank account, enroll in school, vote, or register vehicles? Some cities are being told they can excuse these requirements. I am not afraid to say I cannot help these “poor people” when I have to ask, “Which one of my family or community members is going to go without as an illegal alien “takes”? Or, “Which law enforcement officer is going on the call for a person that is Not a citizen and is not a tax payer?” Or, “What about the teacher who has to change the classroom to accommodate a non-English speaker?”

Now if the federal government is allowing illegal aliens to walk our streets, then maybe they should pay for it. Counties would be well served to be proactive and set aside funds to bus any illegal alien caught to the Washington D.C.’s Immigration Field office at 2675 Prosperity Ave., Fairfax, VA 22031. Use your local bus line to bus them to an Amtrak Train. Amtrak’s number is 1-800-872-7245.
Even if the federal government was willing to “pay for it” they cannot be trusted to see that illegal aliens are fairly processed. And I mean, fair to US. It seems that the fundamental transformation of America by Mr. Obama is resulting in our traditions to be ignored, and the laws of the land to be ignored. Does your local politician still support Mr. Obama? If so, why? Now, will the local businesses be ready to NOT salivate over the hefty EBT cards that the government may give these illegal aliens!? If not, and they support illegal aliens settling here, then they will be selling their souls and the souls of our counties!

Do you want to hear the REAL dirty little secret!? The progressive/liberal/communist/socialists – or whatever you call the enemies of the American dream are piling up the illegal aliens in hopes of expanding their voter base. They need a new voter base because up till now they have enjoyed the vote of the oppressed/poor/minority (so called) voters which they have for decades kept dependent with handouts. These folks have been uniformed and loyal voters to the “democrat” vote. But with technology and the rise of the watchful eye of talented dedicated minorities, this voter base is being lost and needs to be replaced – thus the fervent drive for illegal aliens to be brought into waiting to become the new voting block to keep them in power. It’s all so obvious.

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