Snowden – Patriot or Traitor?

You know what’s bothering me…. could it be possible that Snowden was directed to “expose” these things to make our country weaker yet again??? (Though my husband thinks he IS a Patriot).  Remember this administration has been busy purging very large amounts of  military leaders in the last 4 years, and hiring professionals KNOWN to be closely associated with communists in leadership positions.  Snowden’s act was so detrimental to our ability to accomplish covert operations, that I’m thinking – what next!

The U.S. is loosing its “exceptional-ism” incident, by incident. The America I love is under attack.  The majority of an uninformed electorate voted in someone who’s a “great guy” personality wise, but had the experience, according to facts, of being raised and mentored by known domestic terrorists and communists sympathizers  (Frank, Bill, Valarie, etc.) Of course, he’s free to choose any mentor he wants.  Could the administration possibly have engineered this Snowden event to further weaken our country???

It’s all above my head! Let’s keep praying, and try our best to follow truth, and a Biblical World view when we impact our communities, and in every day life. Keep supporting our state leaders, and county sheriffs to keep us free and safe.

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