Framing Independent Views – Resisting Intimidation and Stealth

Be strong. Don’t accept sin as “OK” when pressured by Chicago style politics trying to shut up our liberties by intimidation. It’s not being disrespectful of “humanity” to call sin, sin.  Be strong and don’t smile at compromise, be a “critical thinker”, a “creative thinker”, a “discriminating thinker” (Yes, there are appropriate times to discriminate.)  But what’s your guide, or your standard?  DON’T ACCEPT into your own personal frame and views what is being dished out, and given you by intimidation and stealth without checking the facts, and holding it up against the Word of God. I’m not ashamed of the Gospel, Romans1:16. Hate sin, Love the sinner, like me (a sinner). Don’t shrink from the truth of God’s Holy Word, the Bible.

I WILL hold to my personal views and convictions, and if asked will share them. I encourage you to do the same.  So, be ready to —- take a deep breath—  say,  “No, I’m sorry, I don’t believe that is an acceptable life style”, but you’re free to choose.” And, “No, I won’t give up speaking out on political topics even though I work through a 501c3 organization.”;  And, “No, that man needs to work before he eats.” “No, that child may not be saved from poverty because the cost IS to high”.

The media has a lot of what I call, unethical  sold outs, because they are not objective though promoting themselves as being objective. But they do it for profit, and have a right to speak freely, though much is propagandized. They support the speaking of lies and cover-ups from IRS, to Benghazi from our politicians and president, from both the left, and right. Much of this type of media refuse to let you have your views in peace – pushing intimidation, while demanding you accept THEIR views.  But, I will pay the price, do the research, walk the talk, and keep an open mind, and ask PLEASE show me where I am wrong. Then, if presented with information, I WILL judge it by contrasting what’s presented to me against facts, and the Word of God.  Only THEN will I change my personal view on this, or that.  So, know this, I value your personal views – I’ll respect that. I’ll hold my personal views, you respect that, or not.

Ahhh, but now comes the rub.  As we drift into a Communist Socialist form of government, we individuals will all be less and less ALLOWED to hold our own personal views. They’ll say that they must be sacrificed for the common good. The “common good”.  Sounds good, uh? It DOES NOT WORK (giving up individual liberty for a “common good”). Look at history. On the contrary, aspiring to achieve, competition, and individual accomplishment are proven to be healthy motivations for advancement of healthy society! But, still, I’ll respect your personal view even if you think I’m crummy for be “an individual”.  But, in MY America, as long as MY Constitution is not dissolved I have a platform to stay independent, and free. My main purpose for writing this is to tell my fellow Christians and free thinkers, DON’T ACCEPT into your own personal frame and views, what is being dished out and given you by intimidation and stealth without checking the facts, and holding it up against the Word of God. You’re not alone.

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