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Dear family, friends and patriots:

I don’t write many letters, but because of the expansion of laws and executive orders enacted by Federal and state governments, I would have to label this letter as urgent!

Consider for a moment, those before us that did commit to freedom and liberty, and what it cost them.  Please do your own research.  Just type in, “founding fathers cost of freedom” for a web search. Almost ALL died horrible deaths, and in poverty. So, the following list is the cost of freedom;

  1. Everything

The newspaper I am sending you started with one man, Bob Root and is now affecting the lives of thousands.  It started in Taylor County Florida in a little town called Shady Grove and is now in 23 Florida counties and six states.   Bob has made it easy for you to help in saving this country.   So what can you do?

  1. He will enable you to print this paper for just the price of your ink and paper. As you can see the quality of this paper, you will be spreading freedom in your area!
  2. You can get a printer that just came off lease for between $150 to $200 dollars if you don’t have one.
  3. Bob Root releases a free electronic copy to you every two weeks on a Friday.  You can distribute it by Monday.
  4. You can add your own local news updates that will expose tyranny and promote freedom.
  5. You can reclaim the costs of the paper by establishing and selling your own advertisement to any local business, such as gun shops, pawn shops, sporting goods, restaurants, hardware stores, or anyone willing to support you and this paper.

The calculated cost for ink and paper is about 6¢ per copy.  Please consider joining Operation Paul Revere.   For any questions call the editor Bob Root at (850)-672-4221; or me at 954-410–2483.

Please share this letter and a copy of the paper with anybody you know that may also be interested, and see this information repeated on my blog at http://truthserum.my ftps.com, or Nancy’s blog at http://blog.myftps.com.  This letter has been sent to a select few that I thought have a passion for liberty. This is your opportunity and maybe one of the only opportunities you may have to act. If not you (insert name) _______________________, then who?!.  I hope that your passion will work out in action.

Let’s all help get our Republic back!

In His service,

Bob Moral

About Nancy Moral

Contact Information Nancy Moral P.O. Box 775, Lee, FL 32059 email: nancy@myftps.com
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