All Politics is Local

Do we fully understand the saying, “All politics is local”?  Does it mean that you’re only impacted when a local politician speaks, and acts?  For example, your intersection gets new construction, one school board member wins the election over another, or one employee gets hired over another. I think this saying has a disturbing deeper meaning. It’s true that when local politicians act, we feel it immediately. But, what about that saying,  “All politics is local”?  Does it dare imply that there is no effect from political events that are international, national, regional, jurisdictional, statewide, countywide, or politics engaged by the “new world order bankers”?

You mostly experience the fallout of “political action” when you walk through that intersection that finally got a facelift, or when you handle that textbook that school board members allowed in school, or when you celebrate over that new job your friend got.  So, what about all the “non local” politics? How does all this other political stuff impact your little local community? If “all politics is local”, then let’s take a look at how all that non local political activity is local. Let’s see how your freedoms are affected.

National, and state legislative decisions will trickle down to your area in the form of new regulations, and new priorities in the next fiscal year that our local leaders will abide by. This will determine construction priorities, books in schools, and necessary jobs to be filled. But do we have to obey and submit? Well, yes, of course. But can we choose not too, legally? Yes, of course! Thank God we still have an active US Constitution!   So, I act locally by moving, closing my small business, buying groceries that are not regulated, not buying extra insurance, and canceling extra phone features. I leave the public schools. I buy gas, or eat at restaurants not owned by socialist communists. I cancel my cable.  So now, if you can understand the leap I’m making, then understand with me – “All politics is local! Take a stand for individual liberty through the choices your make, and in so doing, you will be showing your support for the politicians looking out for your freedom.

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