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The main reason why my husband and I decided to homeschool our 3 children was to instill Godly principals, and teach critical thinking. I remember when my husband and I first started even talking about homeschooling, our first child was 4. We spoke about how homeschooling would keep our kids closer to us, strengthen the family unit, and give us control over what they learn.   Sending them to a government school seemed to us like the equivalent of Israeli parents sending their children back to Egypt to be educated after God delivered them from slavery.  They would have never thought of doing that! We felt homeschooling would be enjoyable, adventurous, and reinforce our family values.

We seriously talked about the option to homeschool in 1990, when our first child was 4. Friends and family were mentioning Kindergarten for our daughter for the next year when she turned 5. Though I was actually a public school teacher at the time, I could not see my daughter in that atmosphere.  Parents were not engaged in any meaningful way academically with their children, and the socialist, liberal agenda was almost unbearable for me to work in. Looking back, the primary reason for homeschooling was the ability to instill Godly principals in my children, and instill character traits that would teach my children to interact with the world around them in a successful way.

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