The Continental Congress by “We the People” in 2009

A very historic event took place that was not promoted much by CSPAN or the media.  A verified Continental Congress was held in 2009 as it became evident our nation was being negatively affected by communism, and socialist elements.  To some that were involved, this event was as exciting as the first Continental Congress held during our country’s founding.  As then, so now a legal quorum for this meeting was established, and individuals were voted into their positions. You will be greatly inspired by this legal document called the “Articles of Freedom”. (FOR A COPY CLICK HERE: It serves to assure our freedoms in the United States of America, while at the same time enemies (both foreign and domestic) are seeking to change our system of “people rule” to “government rule”. Our country is governed by, of, and for the people. If you read carefully the Declaration of Independence, the grievances against King George were all about excessive government rule! Let’s learn from history!


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