To Late to Apologize – A Declaration against the “King’s” Social Justice

View this absolutely excellent satirical music video about the sentiment of the original colonies declaring their separation from England, and refusing to accept King George’s “apology.”  They had just dumped  tea into the Boston Harbor as a symbol. They rejected his definition of Social Justice! The poison of the Social Justice movement today has just been revealed in the recent Zimmerman trial (7/14/2013).

I’ll compare King George with the “group”  using Social Justice to make demands today. This group is Obama’s Justice Department’s paid protesters (it’s in the news), and followers; media outlets, and the so called “civil rights” leaders that  are the paid socialist-racist instigators stoking crowds to acts of violence. Both King George, and this group were deliberate, violent, and over the top to the point that the tea must go into the harbor!

Back then, as today the people pleaded with the king, sent offers of compromise back and forth for review, for relief, and a little understanding. They continued to pay taxes, and did everything to cooperate until….. (here is where you insert the words of the Declaration of Independence). To tie this into the Zimmerman case. No apology is acceptable by this aforementioned group for their behaviors. As this group points their finger at America, America needs to declare their Independence from them.

I am so sorry for Ms. and Mr. Martin’s loss, but they had nothing to do with their son’s behavior, and can’t hold it against the other person who was defending their self!    Zimmerman did nothing illegal. Nothing. Now, I hope all black, white, and green law abiding citizens with a firearm (held legally) will not be intimidated if they feel they are in eminent danger of having a felony perpetrated on them, such as being punched, and smacked down on concrete!

Media outlets, Justice Dept. paid protesters, and paid stokers that tried to inflame passions to riot just for political reasons, GO HOME.

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