Dear Sweetheart (From Moms, to Teen-aged or Young Adult Children)

Dear Sweetheart,

I can tell you have some confusion and frustration lately, especially when your dad and I “gave you a lecture”. Don’t misunderstand our motives. We desire to see you continue to grow, and experience good things in your life, and add to your life Godly character which will help you live successfully. We are not gaining an advantage, or money, or any profit from speaking to you to correct your behavior.  We all need guidance some times, even you; and we speak into your life because we love you.  The fact you feel upset, and frustrated with our words shows that you have a conscience, and care, and that goodness and sensitivity are in you, and God will honor that.  So, here is some motherly, Godly counsel for you to consider:

* Believe that blessings are given by the God who created you, and these blessing are long term, meant to be good, and will always bless you to Serve Others, and give you Peace, and Fulfillment.  I know that’s a mouthful, but read it again to make sure you got it.*

Believe that shame is just your conscience prompting you to repent and correct sin in your life. And ANY sin you have committed in the past can be forgiven.

As we travel forward in life, on the path of our choosing, God does not expect us to drop everything we hold dear, including our secular pursuits.  After all, we live in a secular world. But know that depression, hopelessness, frustration, and even danger come along with resisting, or not obeying what we learn from God’s Word.

Believe that obedience is a Must to please God, and receive His blessings. Proverbs is full of practical steps. You just need to Read, and Believe.  You have experienced the alternative, and you know some of the extent of satan’s destruction. This should help you believe. So, “make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love.    2 Peter 1:5-11.

Proverbs, and the whole Bible are full of lifestyle guides, and steps on how to best live out our lives. These precepts for life many times don’t come naturally, or easy. There may not appear to have immediate benefits for following them; and because of the discipline it takes to obey God, much of the time we become complacent. Or worse, we become deceived in believing obedience is not that important. This can lead to depression, and a feeling of hopelessness.

It’s easy to know if you are deceived.  First, you must think you are NOT deceived because deception is by nature, not recognizable. You DON”T KNOW you are being deceived. So, we only know we are deceived if we have something to compare our actions too – which is to compare them to God’s Word, and our conscience. Only God’s Word, and our conscience bothering us, will lead us out of deception.  Deception works on us like traffic jam of cars all bottle-necked, and at a standstill trying to get off the expressway at the same time. We get stuck in the jam.  Deception keeps us from the discipline it takes to walk obediently in God’s will, just like that car that is stuck in a bottle neck. Fighting deception and taking steps in obedience  takes work. We need to push through the stuck parts. Growing in discipline is much like the bottle necked car that begins to make progress, moving ever so slowly. It’s OK if you make slow progress, just as long as you are moving forward. (I believe God is even happy with 1 step backwards, if it’s combined with 2 steps forward!).

Resistance in Futile (thank you Star Trek). The Bible specifically says if a person continually resists God, then that person will eventually be given over to a reprobate mind (look it up).  In contrast, when we DO defer to God’s Word (holding to it by faith, having examples in the Bible), then we begin to understand that our lives are important, and precious, and we become warmed with the truth in God’s Word that says over and over again, that we are made for His Pleasure. – ahhh, sweet purpose : )!!!   That’s why, what we do with our lives, is not as important as why we do, what we do with our life! That’s why the scripture say, “I (God) desire obedience, not sacrifice.”  Or, as the great poet once said, “Sweeter to me (says God) are failures made with a loving heart, than all the pride, and prudence that can boast!”

In closing, all I can say is as your a mom, I can give you practical help – in this flesh. But my spiritual advice will save your life.  My practical help is limited, and does not have lasting benefits.  But, family is here for the practical help – so never feel ashamed of joining arms with mom, dad, sisters, uncles, etc. as long as you are receiving practical help in good conscience  –  that you trying to help yourself, that you are not just “using” your family – and we have never, never thought that you are a moocher, or user, never!  You are very respectful, and fair; and as long as you are helping yourself, you have all we have!

We need you too!  We need  your presence, and your friendship. It gives us GREAT joy to see you healthy and happy, especially when you show you are being conscientious, and thoughtful. Be humble, be needy for God, remember to pray and consider what your conscience is telling you, and meditate on the Words of the Bible. He loves you.

Love, Mom   XOXO


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