Attempts for a Socialist Takeover of America. I’m ready for the fight. Are you?

Many are desperate to stop the socialist takeover of our country, which is happening mainly though educational institutions including major news outlets. Unconstitutional laws are being upheld by all 3 branches of the government (Obama Care to name one), and are hard to swallow.  These unconstitutional laws will be overturned  – but it will take a lot of time.

Information about specific, detailed instructions to subvert American values through communist efforts in the government run schools (our public schools) is everywhere. You will find “confessions” of this if you just do some basic research. But, in spite of the assault, we ultimately are protected by our U.S. Constitution.

I was prompted to write this opinion when I heard a radio show caller say, “If we could just change the Constitution to force good people into office, we can fix this mess.”  It is a bad idea to change the Constitution to fix the deception going on. We must fight it within the law and through the system set up by our founding fathers. Any other way negates the “will” of the people. We need to attack the media (figuratively – not with violence), who are co-conspirators that make lies into truths, giving deception its life blood.

We are in a new civil war about protecting the Rule of Law!  It might be messy and slow going, but the Constitution and Rule of Law is the point. But with lies, and deceit, freedom is stolen. We have the examples of the past on how to deal with this. Brave men and women have spoken up for liberty, persevered, and refused to comply with attempts to take away their liberty.  We can follow their example.  I’m ready for the fight. Are you?  Let’s sit by Rosa Parks on the bus!  See this eye opening video to help educate yourself on the obvious nature of today’s leadership poisoning America.

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