Common Core Curriculum – Just a Tool?

…Just a Tool?  Well, the answer is yes, and no. Why is there a controversy about the Common Core Curriculum (CC)?  I love the idea of organizing  pathways to career development, which is a main goal of CC, but the argument against the CC is that the social engineers will use it to instill socialism, and control the workforce. Follow the facts: Did you know that no professional educators from state or local jurisdictions, or representatives chosen by the public were involved in the formation of the CC?  Why are CC standards missing teachings of American Exceptionalism?  Why are the “standards” about industry job skills being centralized? Why are 11th graders REQUIRED to read the Federal EPA manual (Environmental Protection Agency). Don’t take me wrong; I can see the benefits of increased organization that CC brings, and benefits of some of the activities, when taken individually. But, I would want to retain the right of refusal for some of the subjects taught. I also would not accept the controls that limit individualism through leveraging funding, access to resources, assistance, recognition, and approval based on whether or not the CC is complied with.

Children will be interacting with this new CC “system” at all levels in their lives, let alone their education. Students, and schools using the CC will come under scrutiny and be impacted based on their interaction with it.   It WILL affect the schools’ funding, access to resources, assistance, recognition, and approval depending upon how they line up with the CC.  Get the “picture”?  The concept of centralizing anything at this level goes against everything in me that’s free.  How are “they” going to use the information of students and schools that work within the CC system? What about the information gathered about the families in schools using the CC?  When Mr. Obama used the information of We the People, courtesy of the IRS and NSA, he  gained an advantage that let him win re-election!

Why are parents so uncaring, or unwilling to ask questions about, and examine the CC?  I propose it is because it’s hard to see what the controversy is all about, not to mention that parents just don’t have time to get into the “fight”.  If we can train ourselves to be critical thinkers, and be sensitive to the real issues, then we might be able to change things. That’s why Jesus said if you have ears to hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

Parents are discouraged from being free thinkers as schools become more unapproachable.  I talk to many parents of children in the government schools. The passionate pursuit of Biblical precepts is halted at the entrance of the public square. Parents are forced to accept public education, hook, line and sinker. Now they are being forced to accept the CC. Parents do, at different levels, see the dangers of the teachings of immorality, anti-Americanism, and Socialism in the government schools. Sometimes, they don’t know how to see it. I actually even believe that the rich sponsors of the CC don’t see some of these dangers either.  They are trusting their underlings to write the content.

I’m an educator by profession, and I look for a teaching opportunity in almost anything. I’ve worked many years as a teacher, and administrator in government schools. I will find value in the use of the CC as a reference for scoping and sequencing instructional content, and lining up academic objectives – but the material and methods within the CC  that conflict with Biblical foundations for learning are inexcusable to me. The conflicts are hard to recognize, too.  I’m highly educated, and I still have to laboriously sift through the research about the CC to make sense of the propaganda, controls, teaching of the acceptance of homosexuality, and anti-American ideals. Submitting to  teachings telling me to accept ideals as right, that are contrary to the Bible, is not my choice!  Unless God’s Word is wrong, no man has the right to make what’s wrong, right!

So, ultimately, I would say to use the CC as a tool, but as teachers and parents, be discriminating and refuse the content that is disparaging against America’s founding and greatness, and against Biblical precepts, and truths. I know I am judged for my views, and I’ve probably lost potential jobs or promotions due to my “public” position on some issues. It does not bother me. I just say to myself, what can they do to me? Frown, yell, make fun, not invite me to the “party”? How about pegging me as a lover of God, and hater of sin?  I like that title!   People who directly, and openly refuse the Word of God are in open rebellion to God. We are instructed in the Bible not to even speak to them about their sin. Their opinions of me (and you) are of no consequence.

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