Early Childhood Education: Government Rules May Impose on Owners’ Preferences

If you are an owner of a day care center that is under some type of auditing from a government entity, (usually part of joining a government program) watch out!  What will first seem like quality controls to improve your center, where your business can be added to a “list” of advertised “high(er) quality” centers, may come with a price.  I don’t apologize if I may seem conspiratorial in sharing this information. And I do admit, I will work, and have worked for governmental agencies proudly, offering these quality programs. Some of them are great. But let me offer the balance.

Sometimes the price one pays to participate in a “government program” for child care is acceptable as you are guided in implementing more quality in curriculum, and better processes to run your center where food and transportation standards are superior, for example.  It can be a great relationship.  But what if they told you after you are plugged in, “As a condition to remain on our “list”, you must abide by some additional terms?

Once you’ve enjoyed the benefits of being on “the list”, it’s almost impossible to reject remaining in the program you’ve become use to, even if you are asked to give up autonomy, and personal and professional choices on curriculum content and practices – like refusing to let homosexuals teach the children at your center due to the abhorrent lifestyle it is (love them, will work with them, etc.- don’t have to personally accept it as an acceptable life style!)  Sometimes the loss of a few personal choices and liberty may not affect you because you may share the quality standards asked of you. But later, additional unwelcome news may come. Consider the follow rules, which I have seen firsthand in some governmental social programs, such as day care centers:

1. Stop teaching the Bible in your center because it goes against the level of violence allowed. (David and Goliath, the Crucifixion, etc.)

2. You are not allowed to say, “no”, “can’t”, or “don’t” to the “clients”.

3. You may choose a curriculum outside our approved list, only if you are willing to receive less of a “star rating” in our “list”, less funds, and sacrifice your place on a preferred advertised list that goes to parents whom you hope to do business with.

Socialist and even communist loving individuals (no conspiracy – today they are vocal, public and determined right here in the U.S.) are designing and implementing government sponsored “quality rating improvement plans” for day care centers, and other social services. These programs come with many perks, but can involve a lot of control. Control, like I said, that can be welcomed at first, with shared values. But, can an organization that is plugged into a government subsidized plan remain autonomous in the way it grows and functions? 

No, it can’t.

I believe cooperation is great up to the point that it infringes on individual liberties. At that time, it is time to get out, and settle for the loss of the perks you may have gotten used to.  My advice to you to protect and make sacrifices to maintain “individual liberties” is given proudly, even though speaking of such things can be phrased as being extreme. Why do I say this?  I am an Evangelical Christian, who loves the Constitution, and homeschooled. These categories of Americans occasionally are identified as extremist groups, on security watch lists.  (No conspiracy again – just Google it!)

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