Essentails for Successful Homeschooling 9 – Discipline

This is article Number 9 in the Series, Essentials for Successful Homeschooling

This Essentials for Successful Homeschooling series is written for the benefit of anyone who wants guidance to implement a successful homeschooling program. These articles will be numbered, and should be read in order. The content for each article is taken from the Enrollment Application and processes for students in Family Tree Private School, a school for homeschooling families.  Family Tree Private School supports a Biblical foundation for life and learning, and enrollment is open to all.

It is important to support good discipline practices in your child. Behavior problems which arise, that are beyond usual, typical behavior problems given the age of your child, such as continual emotionally unstable behaviors, may require parents to seek out added support. Discipline is preventative action. Training a student for leadership requires consistency in LOVE and discipline. By nature, a child rebels against controls which suppress his carnal desires. Unchecked by discipline, these desires will lead to a life of “pleasurable” activities, and not productive achievement. Some children do not adjust to a disciplined, academic environment and find excuses to criticize the policies and decisions of those in authority, and be willfully disobedient. In such cases, corporal discipline (spanking) can be used if considered appropriate by the parent. This should never be prohibited by law. Spankings should be done with Godly counsel, and not done in anger. After a spanking, parents need to provide a time of restoring for the student, in love, discussing why their willful disobedience warranted the corporal punishment. The school may also place such students on probation for a corrective period, or dismiss any student.

1. Corporal Correction, preferable administered by the father is only used when an offense requires it.
2. Demerits and Detention are an effective way to administer discipline. Students who violate procedures, or misbehave need to be corrected and given an appropriate penalty. One method is to utilize the methods of demerits. As a student accumulates demerits, he may receive detention or some negative consequence when a certain number of demerits is obtained. Parent/Teachers should assign corrective actions and appropriate penalties to a given number of demerits. Detention should be served on the following day of when the demerits are earned, after school hours.
3. Incomplete Assignments: Each student is responsible to complete his or her goals for the day. If by the end of the day, the goals are not completed, the student will receive homework which will be done at an agreed upon time that afternoon, or evening.
4. Scoring Violations: Parents can allow students to score their own work sometimes, using the teacher answer keys. Major quizzes or tests should only be scored by the parent. The scoring procedure for student self-scoring can be a very important part of the learning process, instilling and supporting responsible behavior. Each student learns self-discipline, and responsibility for his own work. The self-scoring procedure will be clearly demonstrated to the student, and reviewed periodically if the student is allowed to score assignments. If it is determined that a student is cheating, then appropriate disciplinary actions should be taken. PARENTS SHOULD STRESS THAT SCORING IS IMPORTANT & HONESTY MUST BE EXERCISED AT ALL TIMES.
5. Mandatory Memorization: Each month, or even weekly, students can be assigned a passage of Scripture to be memorized. This training helps each child engraft the Word of God in their minds. The discipline of Bible memorization has long term value. Passages to be memorized can be posted on the Student Office/Learning Center, or a bulletin board.

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