Essentials for Successful Homeschooling 8 – Grading Art & Music

This is article Number 8 in the Series, Essentials for Successful Homeschooling

This Essentials for Successful Homeschooling series is written for the benefit of anyone who wants guidance to implement a successful homeschooling program. These articles will be numbered, and should be read in order. The content for each article is taken from the Enrollment Application and processes for students in Family Tree Private School, a school for homeschooling families.  Family Tree Private School supports a Biblical foundation for life and learning, and enrollment is open to all.

Courses to be Graded Subjectively, such as Art, and Music

The parent/teacher decides which assignments will be graded, and when these assignments are due. Sometimes grading is subjective because a score cannot be mathematically achieved, such as in an art project. Many times written work is judged not only on content, but neatness, thoroughness, accuracy, timely submission and so on. These evaluations are JUDGMENT BASED and can be better understood with the following descriptions:

A = Excellent, Exceptional, Superior Achievement
B = Well prepared, Commendable, Good Achievement,
C = Sufficient, Acceptable, Adequate Achievement
D = Fair, Minimal, Poor Achievement
F = Ineffective, Unacceptable, Little or No Achievement
(+) and (-) signs next to the grades indicate a slight deviation
Letter grades have numerical equivalents (see below). These numerical scores can be derived from traditional tests for subjects.
A+ 98-100 B+ 88-89 C+ 78-79 D+ 67-69
A 94-97 B 84-87 C 74-77 D 63-66
A- 90-93 B- 80-83 C- 70-73 D- 60-62
Grade Point Average (GPA)
Every letter grade is assigned a point value as follows:
A+ = 4.0 B+ = 3.0 C+ = 2.0 D+ = 1.0
A = 3.75 B = 2.75 C = 1.75 D = .75
A – = 3.50 B – = 2.5 C – = 1.5 D – = .5

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