Essentials for Successful Homeschooling 5 – Student Office Area

This is article Number 5 in the Series, Essentials for Successful Homeschooling

This Essentials for Successful Homeschooling series is written for the benefit of anyone who wants guidance to implement a successful homeschooling program. These articles will be numbered, and should be read in order. The content for each article is taken from the Enrollment Application and processes for students in Family Tree Private School, a school for homeschooling families.  Family Tree Private School supports a Biblical foundation for life and learning, and enrollment is open to all.

This “Office Description” is presented as if the student is in a traditional classroom, or has a formal desk working area. In the context of homeschooling, references to not “talking” or “singing” (item #7) may be translated to no phone or loud music. Please apply these guidelines to your own situation.
1. Each student will be assigned an office, and supplies by the teacher. This property is to be maintained neatly.
2. All items placed in offices must be approved.
3. No pencil, or pen marks are to be made anywhere on the furnishings.
4. Students are not permitted to communicate with others, or be out of their offices without permission.
5. No activities are to be carried-on in student offices not directly related to learning of prescribed instruction unless a privilege has been earned.
7. Students are not allowed to talk or sing out loud when it interferes with learning.
8. Students should learn to speak to the teacher appropriately.
9. Students are not to ask the time or request permission to throw away paper. These things can be done on break.
10. Students are required to have complete supplies on hand every day, and to inform the teacher when they are in need of a supply.
11. Only students dressing appropriately will be allowed in the learning center/office area.
NOTE: Students can usually work in other locations with permission. If school worked is finished too quickly, the student should add more work to their goal (adjusting the information on their chart) that day, because they should engage in each subject about 50 minutes. Holding fast to this rule will prevent students from just rushing to get done early. The additional work can be either more pages of the curriculum or any other agreed on constructive assignment .Of course if rushing produced poor quality work, the student will spend the time re-doing the work.)

OFFICE SUPPLIES All or some of the following items will be needed:
1. Personal Bible (KJV or the New KJV is suggested for class work – print size determined by students ability to read.)
2. Devotions book, workbook, etc.
3. Blue ball point pens, erasable,
4. #2 pencils with erasers (2 at desk at all times)
5. Colored pencils (assorted) Crayons (2-6)
6. Standard notebook paper for reports and compositions
7. Extra erasers
8. 3 X 5 cards and file box for memorization and notes
9. 12” ruler
10. Small box for supplies
11. Comb and/or brush
12. Small package of tissues
13. Scissors, round tipped (grades 2-6)

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