Faith’s Sweet Failures

The faith each one of us holds, in either a person, or in God gives us courage, and hope. If the object of our faith is a person though, or anything else temporal (of this world) it can be assaulted, and is ultimately vulnerable. If our faith is in God, then the possibilities are endless, open, and wonderful. With a faith in God, you just know that He’s there, He made you, He knows you, He loves you. And if you didn’t know that, I can attest that He is, He did, and He does!   You can grow in your faith to have more peace. Everything will be alright, even in the midst of confusion.

I’ve dealt with many persons from different denominations, religious communities, cultural devotions, and even off-the-beaten-path cults where persons have passion for the doctrines they cling too. I am a person that is drawn to God. I work to hopefully know God better in this life, and to represent God’s love. He has my awe and appreciation, and I strive to be closer, wiser, and better in the “path” I think God wants for me.  I feel it’s the least I can do – “give in” to Him. As such, I perceive that I have brought others along their way in their faith. Sometimes by design, sometimes by accident, sometimes when I’m clueless I’m doing it.

Most of us have a desire to be truthful. What disgusts me, and scares me though, is when I meet a person with no conscience, and can live without wondering if they are doing the right thing. They lie easily, cheat often, love without reverence or tenderness, and for these, I don’t feel called to help “bring them along” in their faith, or in anything else. They cling to obvious sins. I only owe them civility. I don’t want to help create a facade of faith in anyone.

But, how I love that little spark of faith! So, what of Bible doctrine? “Sweeter to me are failures made with a loving heart, than all the pride and prudence that can boast,” a great poet once said. There is no shame in being wrong when your faith has brought you to that point in life. If someone is askew, or “wrong” in a belief you hold that is contrary to facts found in God’s word, then He’ll reveal more truth when we are able to see it. For example, do you really think biting an apple out of disobedience resulted in the world’s sin? When Cane was sent away after killing Able, how could he find a wife in another land? Why was Cane’s lineage listed before, and separate from Adam’s?   The most commonly acceptable stories about the beginning of man don’t answer these questions. There’s more to be found in the Bible than what we are commonly told, more than what originates from man’s traditions, than by what the Bible really says.

Man’s traditions have taught many doctrines that are really not supported in the Bible. Jesus actually warned against man’s traditions. Ask any Bible scholar, and they will tell you there are things they believed (had faith in) 20 years ago that they no longer believe; and they believe things today that they would not have accepted 20 years ago.  My point is that faith comes first. So, be grateful if have faith. You are more fortunate than you know. Faith will see you through everything you have to go through. Be encouraged. Imagine if you could not feel your faith even though you strain to find it!  What despair there would be in your life.

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