Florida Sheriff’s Association Supports the 2nd Amendment!

I read today that the Florida Sheriff’s Association put out a statement January 28, 2013 supporting the 2nd amendment. I am really glad they stood up. I hope they go a step further and endorse Oath Keepers! Thank you so much from the state of Florida to the Florida Sheriff’s Association. Now, county sheriffs, get on board!

I also asked the association to comment further on this statement, and they added :

“We can assure you that the Sheriffs of Florida support a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms as outlined in the U.S. and Florida Constitutions. Sheriffs are also concerned with gun violence and will work hard to ensure that criminals who use guns to commit crime are held fully accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent if the law. “

Many people don’t understand that the goal of the 2nd amendment is to let people remain armed so as to be prepared to be on equal footing with a government that may begin to govern without the consent of the governed. This perspective is not in the spirit of being “anti-government”, but in the spirit of being able to defend freedom. A government gone rouge manipulates their authority to grab more authority, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, who do not need to pass laws, but just pass regulations to impose their will.  Law makers and regulators should not incrementally attempt to limit (infringe) on our 2nd amendment right by restricting types of guns and ammunition because it restricts this ability to defend freedom. You may say, “Well then, why not claim the right to individuals for machine guns, or nuclear power.” I would respond by saying these weapons are 1. not now  legally available to the public today (without special license) 2. not necessary to the general public to remain on equal footing (to fight a tyrannical government) since with arms readily available today, the people can have a chance to successfully overtake, interfere with, or stop the use of those weapons on them. It also helps the cause of freedom that our county sheriffs actually have constitutional power to remove federal authorities from their jurisdictions at any time.

Regardless of the presentation of a rationale debate on this subject (with important and essential facts related to our country’s survival), those that hold the position that guns are bad in the hands of law abiding citizens will remain trapped in a “normalcy bias” and continue to see the retention of guns in the hands of law abiding citizens as violence personified.

I know “Educate Me” is technically an education blog, so why do I care about guns remaining in the hands of law abiding citizens?  This has to do with education because the issue is foundational in that our right to keep and bear arms means that a tyrannical government which would seek to limit our choices in all things, education included, would be less likely to prevail. If you find this ridiculous, and a stretch, I find that you finding this ridiculous is ridiculous! If you are wanting to add limits to the 2nd amendment, you must be ignorant, shallow in your research, stuck in a normalcy bias, and self-absorbed, remaining stuck in one place  in spite of facts presented to you to the contrary. No apologies – see you in my next blog.


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