Epitaph of a High School Drop Out

Some of you may not be aware that I am a high school drop out. It’s kind of like being a alcoholic – you just are. I can tell you that I sympathize with kids and young adults who drop out.  I know what is going through their minds.  I also know they are some of the brightest, deepest thinkers of our society. Circumstances got the better of them – that’s all.

Why am I letting them off the hook so easily? You try to spend hours upon hours a day in an insulting, degrading, foolish, shallow, lonely place that is touted as the opposite of all those descriptions.  If you stay, you either go mad, or get depressed (or worse – brainwashed). Something is wrong with YOU – is all you can think, while you try to stay out of trouble because you are so bored and disconnected. You spend time thinking why you should keep yourself in the walls of that government school; and when you finally run out of reasons, you drop out!

The victory comes when you drop out, relax, carry on, and work that minimum wage job with pride – then – a surge of brilliance comes over you. A surge that did not come from inside those walls!  It speaks to your heart saying,  “You are smart.” “How dare they steal your opportunity to be a graduate!” “I can do this without their help.”  Then, as an adult (even if you’re 16), you make a few calls and find out how to get the graduation thing done on your own.

Whew! You thought you were going to be robbed forever. But instead, you reclaim  your right to succession, to be educated, to achieve that diploma, certificate, GED, whatever- a whenever YOU want to get it done.

The monopoly called “government/public schools” exist with few alternatives to their approach, i.e. schedule, curriculum ,etc. and WHY are they so inflexable? It’s because those things (schedule, curriculum, etc.) are money making elements and must stay out of OUR control, and in the control of the unions and school boards; because they think we are too dumb to channel the money and priorities. Thank God for homeschooling, charter schools, dual enrollment, correspondence schools, and non-traditional private schools like Family Tree Private School; options that allow a student centered learning experience.


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