Questionable Motives for Giffords and Kelly: Americans for Responsible Solutions

I have to question the motives of this organization since the only solutions backed are the removal or limiting of firearms currently available, and owned by law abiding citizens.

I sent a letter today to the editor of USA Today in response to the Congresswoman Gifford’s announcement to solicit money for her new organization to address the problem of persons who commit violence with guns.  In my letter, I stated that I’m sure this organization wants support and assistance from the NRA, and “pro-gun” organizations, but if the originators of this organization (against persons who commit violence with guns) want to be seriously considered for support, and work to make schools safer, they need to declare in their platform the following:

1. They will never support removing guns, of all kinds, including ammunition from any law abiding citizen, including the incremental removal of types of guns, gun parts, ammunition, etc..

2. they support Oath Keepers initiatives.

3. the term “gun violence” may be misleading, and the issue should be rephrased “persons who commit violence with guns.” and

4. Gifford’s organization acknowledges and accepts the fact that the 2nd amendment is for the purpose of defending oneself against a tyrannical government.

Many people don’t understand that the goal of the 2nd amendment is to allow people to be armed so as to be prepared to be on equal footing with a government not governing by the consent of the governed. (Read this again, and let it sink in.) Those wishing to be armed for this reason are not in the spirit of being “anti-government”, but in the spirit of being able to defend freedom. (See the blog post about the Florida Sheriff’s Association and tie to education).  That’s why you don’t incrementally attempt to limit (infringe) on this right by restricting types of guns and ammunition because it restricts this ability to defend freedom.   Regardless of the presentation of a rationale debate on this subject (with important and essential facts related to our country’s survival), those that just blindly say that guns are bad will remain trapped in a “normalcy bias” and continue to see the retention of guns in the hands of law abiding citizens as violence personified.

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