Ridiculous Reasons Why Teachers Should Not Have Guns

Individuals should have the right to have guns on their person, even if they are teachers, if they are law abiding citizens. Some persons, though are:

1.  just uncomfortable with that thought of being near a gun because of the dangers of accidental discharge; or

2.  not in agreement with the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

But then you have the 3rd group of people that give the following ridiculous reasons that teachers should not carry their firearms to school:

Teachers having guns will just add to the violence. Ridiculous reason #1: They may shoot the aggressor dead, in front of the children, and It would just be too violent for the children to witness this violent act, and they would be forever scarred.

Teachers having guns in schools will endanger the children who may have access to them. Ridiculous reason #2: The children may wrestle the teacher to the ground or take an axe to the desk to open the drawer where the gun may be stored.

Teachers having guns set a bad example of promoting violence. Ridiculous reason #3: Teachers are not able to teach critical thinking skills to children to help them distinguish between owning a gun to commit a criminal act of violence, and a self-defensive act.

Teachers should not have guns in schools because guns just don’t belong in schools. Ridiculous reason #4: Guns are never to be used to defend against a gunman on school grounds since teachers are unable to be trained to handle a gun safely.


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