Diplomas and Transcripts for Homeschoolers

What is a homeschool diploma, or a homeschool transcript?  Who issues them? The short answer is, the parents issue these. They can create these records and “declare” their student graduated as early as age 16. Yet, the final two years of “enrollment” need to be verified supporting the child was an active 11th and 12th grader.  It will most likely  not be plausible to claim your student was in 11th grade at age 14 (unless they have truly superior SAT/ACT scores), so I have not known of a homeschooling family declaring their child graduated at age 16.

One of the purposes of confirming the final two years is for eligibility for scholarships, and proof of compliance of “legally” homeschooling. If the student was registered as a homeschooler only one of these two final years, it can affect qualification for scholarships. It’s strongly recommended a student maintain the same “status” their final two years of schooling.

If your stduent in in a private school for homeschoolers, they will be considered a private school student for all intents and purposes of the law, and the school would do all your records which would reflect records for a “private school” student. The method of “homeschooling” while enrolled in a private school is a parent’s right .  Actually, years ago the only legal way to homeschool was through a private school in Florida, Today, it is the only way to legally homeschool in many states.

A Homeschool Transcript is your affirmation of studies, and is for informational purposes only, adding professionalism to your records.  The law does not require you create any documentation. But, other schools and colleges need to know, and appreciate you giving them information on what classes have been accomplished by your student, and additional information, such as how many community service hours they have, and testing your child completed.

You may complie your own transcripts, or have it done for you for a nominal fee. CLICK HERE for information. 


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