Nancy Moral

         Nancy Moral

Excerpt from Not a Life Story: “An interesting thing began to emerge through my evolving maturity. The contrasts haunted me: such joy – such sorrow; such revelation – such manipulation; such purpose – such despair. Nowhere in society was there not a reminder of need! And, nowhere in society was there not every opportunity to fix it! As the contrasts reviled me I found a common theme for a life’s purpose. It was the very thing stolen from me at a young age, my education! I can learn if I pay attention to life’s lessons. I know I can because I learned to trust and appreciate others. I learned my love of music and how to practice it. I learned about faith, and I learned of forgiveness. I learned the value of becoming educated and the value of helping others benefit from being educated. At first, I did not know how to step into this newly found role as a champion and advocate for education, so I began my education to find out. I started out by admitting to myself that many times just achieving some set goal is not always the greatest asset of any given experience – my goals in life will always be changing, but it’s the trip that counts. In other words my “life story” is not the life I lived, but the life I will live.”

Nancy earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from Florida International University, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and Research from Florida Atlantic University. She has held many certifications as a professional educator, instructor and trainer and is an expert in curriculum development, exceptional student education and homeschooling.  Currently, Nancy serves as director and board member of a non-traditional private school in the state of Florida, works as a service coordinator for a large retirement community and is an author and public speaker.

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