Nancy Moral

         Nancy Moral

Hello and welcome! This blog will explore how we educate and serve our communities. Knowing the forces that are at work behind the scenes will allow you and your organization to develop a more effective outreach to make a lasting impact on your community.  It’s time to study the motives and methods behind education systems and political machines!

The creator of this blog, Nancy Moral is a parent, educator and author.  Nancy originally dropped out of high school but realized she loved learning and continued her education to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from Florida International University, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and Research from Florida Atlantic University. Nancy has held many certifications as a professional educator, instructor and trainer and is an expert in curriculum development, exceptional student education and homeschooling. She was a classroom teacher and a board member for a  school accrediting association. Currently, Nancy is  the director of a non-traditional private school in the state of Florida, a service coordinator for a large retirement community and a writer.

One highlight of this blog is the collection of articles to help new homeschoolers entitled: Essentials for Successful Homeschooling.

Anyone is invited to send in comments, or questions. Permission to share content is granted if credit is given. Contact Nancy.

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